Wedding Photographer Austin

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Charlotte Bell Photography
Charlotte Bell a professional photojournalist based out of Austin, TX. A wedding is a celebration filled with elegant, beautiful, touching and humorous moments. "I'm a romantic. I look for those "once in a lifetime" relationship photos: that special glance, the tender hug, the big laugh, the goofy kids and the sweet kiss, spontaneous moments that will never pass our way again."
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 447-2150

Ok! Fresh
OK! FRESH specializes in high quality photography services for weddings. Our philosophy: Work hard, See the world, Explore every avenue of our imaginations, and create inspiring work.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 782-9663

Sledd Wedding Photography
I'm a third generation Austinite. When I started taking pictures for the Austin Chronicle in highschool I had no idea it would lead to the coolest job on earth! In the last 10 years I've had the pleasure of getting to work for many publications and individuals. Some of the high points of my career (thus far) have been shooting for Rolling Stone and being named one of the top 100 photographers in the world by the WPJA.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 462-2100

Austin Imagery Photography
A botique wedding and portrait studio located in downtown Austin, Texas. The studio is owned by pro photographers, Chris Johnson and Yvonne Denman.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 707-9641

Innovative Photography
A fine art portrait and event photography studio based in Austin, Texas. Darcie Siiteri founded Innovative Photography in 1993, after both individuals earned Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Photography.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 371-7778

La Dolce Vita Photography
Green Wedding! La Dolce Vita Photography is Austin’s only green wedding photography studio and Texas’ first certified Carbon-Neutral wedding business. We have chosen to offset 35 metric tons of carbon per year, the approximate amount most businesses with 5 employees use annually. In addition to offsetting our carbon footprint, La Dolce Vita Photography purchases all studio power from Austin Energy’s GreenChoice program which receives electricity from huge wind turbines in West Texas. Our studio uses compact florescent lights and recycles all ink cartridges, batteries, paper, packaging materials, camera equipment and computers. We are now proud to offer a gorgeous line of environmentally responsible albums and books for your green wedding.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 608-8000

Anna Photography
My style is very filmic - I really enjoy capturing the sequence of emotion and you being you! My cinematic vision in shooting stems from my photo/video background and has influenced my style as well as knowing the art of photography and how to compose images. I also enjoy doing formal portraits so dress up and come on in, when shooting the formals I call on my art history lessons with the great painters and their keen views in studying light. Weddings are very much a combination of the formal and the journalistic, it’s those moments of laughter, tears and the far away look when deep in thought that I grab and immortalize your feelings so you can share them forever.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 699-2933

Staats Photography and Design
Specializing in wedding and portrait photography. Let your light shine. In creating that classic photograph of a bride, a flower or a child, let their light shine through. That uniqueness is what will illuminate your photographs. For each assignment, apply the avant-garde angle or composition to keep it fresh. Yet, remember that any technique applied should be infused with positive human values. This balancing act should be visible in my compositions, whether wedding or fine art.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 473-2277

Alex Labry Photographer
Primarily, I am an artist. I am looking for images that are timeless in that they are not just reproductions of faces, but rather images that emote the special feelings shared by those photographed with you. Your wedding pictures should be about you and not just of you. I am looking to capture the real you and that means who you are and how you feel about your intended spouse, your family, your friends and your wedding day. I concentrate on those photographs that tell your story. I avoid being intrusive and believe it’s best to melt into the crowd so that I can observe discreetly. Most people are more comfortable and more themselves when they are unaware of the camera. However, the photographer must have special technical, emphatic and anticipatory skills in order to capture these precious moments.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 567-3434

Hooked on Photography
Michael Hooks is the principal photographer and has been documenting weddings since 2005. Michael is really a people person and enjoys developing a fun relationship with the couples so that he can learn their personalities so that is reflected in the moments of the images that he captures.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 751-8884