Wedding Photographer Calgary

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Perry Thompson Photography
Perry Thompson is a top professional photographer in Calgary with over 20 years of experience. Specializing in wedding photography, portraits and boudoir photography, Perry has photographed over 900 weddings and 20,000 portraits including portraits of the prime minister of Canada and members of the Royal Family.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 243-5643

We document weddings like a photojournalist; weaving your story image by image, detail by detail; from the beginning to the end of your day. my name is wei and I love to photograph weddings. people have described my images as photojournalistic, non-traditional or fashion photography. personally, i'm still looking for the right words. i think that's because everyone is different and it's your attitudes and qualities that inspire my visual direction. sort of like a two-way collaboration.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 830-7460

Raw Photography
Raw photography specializes in creative fine art photography to capture your special moments. Whether you are looking for a personal portrait, lifestyle portrait, boudoir portrait or a portrait of your favourite pet, each session is unique and tailored specifically for you.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 891-5373

Eternal Photography
Our photographers are passionate about their work, and we always aim to go above and beyond our clients expectations. We try to better understand your sense of style by showing you our portfolio and allowing you to bring material you have found in magazines or books to demonstrate what you are looking for in a photo. To truly capture a perfect picture, you have to know the subject. We're modern, and we don't use studio booths! To take a fantastic picture, you don't want to be in a cramped studio taking a picture, you want to be in your favorite spot, a location that reflects who you are.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 861-9727

Tricia B Photography
Of all the types of photography, couples portraits and weddings are my passion. Love is something truly meaningful in this world, and to have the honor of capturing its essence in a photo is unspeakably uplifting. My goal is to give you heirloom images that will forever illustrate your passion for each other.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 608-0748

K. Mae Photography
Kyla Mae Sutherland brings out her passion of photography to create Wedding photography that stands apart. From the golden fields of Southern Alberta to the pure white snow of the Rocky Mountains, sparkling in a crystal blue sky are just some of the backdrops that are used to make timeless awe-inspiring wedding portraits. Over 6 years combined shooting experience in Alberta, Kyla knows instinctively where the perfect light will be, where that late afternoon shaft of gold will be shining over the Valley of the Foothills or what time soft warm sunlight will pour over the rough terrain in the Drumheller badlands.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 999-8095

2Create Photography
Services: Engagement Photography, Wedding Photography, Maternity Photography, Family Photography, Baby Photography, and Portrait Photography
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 237-6361

Lee Gunderson Photography
Lee has been taking photographs professionally for over 25 years. He has had images published in the tens of thousands. From corporate brochures, to posters, custom calendars and private client shoots he has a diverse repertoire. He specializes in weddings, underwater, portraiture, landscape and child photography.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 283-5387

Tait Photography
We are wedding photographers that serve both the United States and Canada with contemporary wedding photography. We regularly photograph weddings in the following locations in the US and Canada with no travel fees.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (800) 213-0874

Bee Inc. Photography
We are a small husband/wife photography studio based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We primarily shoot family, kids, dogs, high school grads (seniors) and weddings.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 454-3302