Wedding Photographer Washington DC

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Stephen Voss Photography
I’m a Washington DC-based wedding photographer and photojournalist. I photograph weddings like I photograph news stories for national newspapers and magazines. I tell stories with pictures, looking for scenes when all of the elements come together for photos that will tell the story of your wedding day.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (202) 281-9533

Moshe Zusman Photography
Moshe B. Zusman specializes in wedding, portrait, and corporate photography in the Washington DC area.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (202) 470-3302

Izaca Productions
Isabelle is a wedding photographer unparalleled in her creative and unique documentary approach to photographing weddings. As every wedding is unique, Isabelle Carbonell takes an artistic and documentary approach to capture all facets of the event, with special attention devoted to the bride and groom’s story. Isabelle’s focus on photojournalism allows for a tale to unfold and later be relived in greater detail. Furthermore, Isabelle is very charismatic; posing for her is easy and she is able to work a crowd quickly and confidently while at the same time easily blending into the event background.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (301) 237-0212

Eikon Photography
Eikon Photography Karen Sayre is an award winning photographer specializing in modern, fresh, and inspired images. I creatively document weddings and capture life through modern portraiture. My style is documentary photojournalistic, is unobtrusive and non-invasive. It's non-posey, unexpected, and with an original twist. I have a relaxed working style that captures both formal and candid moments This is documentary wedding photography as it happens which means capturing the funny, the artistic, the glamorous , the family memories, the details, and indeed any group and family pictures that you want. As a wedding is a one-time event, the photographer must be able to anticipate the action yet be prepared for the unexpected. Shooting a wedding is both exhausting and invigorating as I am always in search of original angles while still maintaining a ‘fly on the wall’ approach. Communication and planning time lines before the event will alleviate much of the stress associated with photographing a wedding. An ability to tactfully take charge also helps - particularly when photographing large groups or families. I've photographed clients of every religion, nationality, and sexual orientation and open-minded approach to photojournalism makes me approachable and honest.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (202) 898-1777

Hilsdon Photography, LLC
Professional Photography Washington D.C. Commercial, Headshots, Portraiture, Wedding, Pregnancy, and Newborn/Infant Photography.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (202) 460-3686

Ella Foto
We have shot weddings near and far, from Austria to Mexico and of course in The States. With each new experience we look for unique ways to capture the essence of who you are as a couple in the location you choose. We hope that our photos will not only tell the story of your day, but that they will grasp the personalities of you and your guests.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (302) 547-5460

Green Tara Photography
Green Tara Photography is a new vision for wedding photography based on beautiful images for a reasonable price, tailored to fit the details of your day. Green Tara Photography works with entirely digital photos, reducing the environmental impact of your wedding and getting you your photos sooner! Tara specializes in unique and alternative weddings and unions, supporting couples who make non-traditional choices with flexible shooting styles and schedules.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (209) 518-5286

Jennifer Chase Photography
Jennifer Chase is documentary and lifestyle photographer. She photographs weddings, portraits and editorial assignments, in Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa, Asia and the Middle East and her home in Washington, DC.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (202) 215-3761

Drouin Photography
Weddings are fun times, and that’s what I like to try and show. Of course I offer formal portraits sessions before/after the ceremony, because nobody wants to find themselves later saying “I wish we did that.” But I also realize that it’s a wedding, not a photo shoot. So I prefer to not direct people, and instead be in 5 places at once recording the moments of your big day as they occur naturally. Everyone I work with finds that my approach is very unobtrusive and unintimidating, and by the end of the night we’ve all had loads of fun working together.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (202) 862-8246

Studio of Love
My goal is simple: I want your photographs to be perfect. I want you to remember the emotions you have for your family members and I want you to cry (tears of joy that is) every time you look at the photographs Studio of Love created for you.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (800) 737-4051